7 Days for £7 Jump Start Program Or upgrade to 21 days for £21

How does the 7 Days For £7 work?  It’s pretty simple:  you pay £7 and you get to experience our program for 7 days. You will choose between one of 4 weeks in the month, pick a start date on a specific Monday, and have 6 days of workouts before the 7th day of rest (Sunday).  The week will be combination of our Fitness Camp (M/T/W/F/Sat). After you sign-up and select the Monday of the week that you want to start, you will be emailed all the details.

Do I have to continue after my first 7 days? When you register for our 7-Day Jump Start program, you are only committing to 7 days of fitness training.  We do NOT require participants to continue training with us, although we hope that after 7 days we WILL have the great opportunity to work with you toward reaching all your fitness goals!

I’m not in shape, can I do this program? Almost everyone who inquires about our services asks this question.  The simple answer is a resounding “YES, you CAN do this program … and experience GREAT SUCCESS!”  Unlike many gyms, personal trainers, and workout facilities that just deliver a “workout of the day”, our group personal training program is carefully designed to not only accommodate different fitness levels and abilities, but also to help our clients experience consistent progression toward increased strength, improved body composition, and reduced risk of injury.

If I decide I want to join Transformation Fitness program, what is the cost? We have different program options to fit all your training needs, as well as your budget.  With programs ranging from 3 months up to 12 months in length, you can be rest assured that for a monthly investment of between £42/month — £59/month, you’ll have access to Transformation Fat Loss fitness program, a done-for-you training program that’s guaranteed to give you incredible results, and a group of fitness professionals. All individuals who continue past their first 7 days will have continued access to high-quality fitness training at a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one with a personal trainer.


Hampton Hargate, Hampton Peterborough, PE78BZ (next to the big hill tump and busy bees and shops

A.M Mon/wed/fri 6:05 am - 6:55am and Mon/tues/weds/fri 18:30pm- 19:20pm and Sat morning 9:10-10:00am

Market Deeping (Greenlands Park, The Exercise Park off halflett Rd)

P.M Mon/wed/fri 18:30-19:20pm and Sat 7:55am - 8:45am